Working Group 3

EaP CSF Working Group “Environment, climate change and energy security” is working on a variety of issues shaping a complex integrated sustainable environmental, climate and energy policies for the EaP region, which takes into account national interests and aims to improve environmental protection, energy efficiency, as well as the capacity to face climate change and to mitigate dependency on energy imports or on one energy carrier.

Group activities support the integration of environmental aspects into all national policies of EaP countries, in particular through promotion of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). At the same time, we aim to promote the transfer of knowledge from EU to EaP countries and conduct a broad public awareness-raising campaign on energy efficiency and renewable energies.


Working Group 3 members

Membership in the EaP CSF is open to all civil society organisations from the EaP countries and EU member states that are active in the Eastern Neighbourhood. These can include grassroots organisations, trade unions, farmers’ and consumers’ organisations, think tanks, employers’ organisations, professional associations, faith-based organisations, non-profit foundations and more. Browse through the full list of our members of the Working Group 3. 

Re-granting projects to WG3

Latest Publications

Latest WG3 meetings

Working Group 3 meets twice a year – during the Annual Assembly and once again in Brussels – to discuss the common goals and activities that have been put forward through the respective Working Group structures in the respective EaP countries. The latest WG3 meeting reports can be viewed and download below.

WG3 Coordinators

At the beginning of each biennial delegate cycle, the delegates of each WG elect two Coordinators from among their number – one representing an organisation from an EaP country, and one representing an organisation from an EU member state. The role of WG Coordinators is to oversee and facilitate the work of the WG, including by formulating the discussion, advocacy and capacity building priorities of the group, in close collaboration with its members. The details of the current WG Coordinators for the 2020-2021 cycle can be viewed below.

Olena Pavlenko

“DiXi Group”, Ukraine, Working Group 3 EaP Coordinator

Ana Otilia Nutu

Expert Forum, Romania, Working Group 3 EU Coordinator