General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is made up of all the delegates of the Forum selected every two years following a dedicated call for applications and based on specific selection criteria. As the highest decision-making body of the forum, the GA has deliberative, representative, and, elective functions exercised in line with the EaP CSF governance documents.

According to Article 6 of the Statute, only delegates have the right to vote in the GA meetings, each representative having one vote. The quorum of General Assembly meetings is achieved by the attendance and participation of two-thirds of the Delegates. 

In the configuration of the General Assembly, the Delegates meet once a year at the Annual Assembly, the key event of the Forum conducted yearly since 2009.

The Annual Assembly serves as a platform for debate on the achievements of the Forum and the EaP in general, as well as on civil society contribution to the reform process in the region. Every year the event brings together over 250 civil society representatives from the EaP region and the EU, as well as experts, and EaP and EU stakeholders.

 The full list of Delegates is available here

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