Membership in the EaP CSF is open to all civil society organisations (CSOs) from the EaP countries and CSOs from EU member states that are active in the Eastern Neighbourhood. These can include grassroots organisations, trade unions, farmers’ and consumers’ organisations, think tanks, employers’ organisations, professional associations, non-profit organisations, faith-based organisations, non-profit foundations, national and international civil society organisations/networks and other relevant civil society organisations across the EaP countries and EU Member States.

Applicants for the Forum membership should be based in an EU country or in one of the six EaP countries and be engaged in at least one of the issues on the Eastern Partnership agenda, and be willing and able to contribute actively to the Forum by participating in meetings, responding to requests for input, drafting discussion papers, and similar activities.

All organisations that have taken part in the Annual Assembly become Forum members. Nobody can exclude an organisation from the Forum unless the organisation itself announces its withdrawal from the Forum. Exception will be where the Steering Committee decides that an organisation is bringing the Forum into disrepute by actively working against the core values and principles of the Forum (a decision which can be revoked by appeal to the whole Forum).

CSOs can also apply for the membership in the National Platforms (NPs) based on the regulations developed by the NPs.