SHAPEDEM-EU: Rethinking and Reshaping the EU’s Democracy Support in its Eastern and Southern Neighbourhood

SHAPEDEM-EU is a multi-national and multifaceted research consortium of twelve academic, think tank and civil society institutions based in Europe and the Southern and Eastern neighbourhoods. This EU-funded project sets out to rethink, reshape and review the Union’s democracy support policies in its Neighbourhood countries. Through its research, SHAPEDEM-EU aims to increase the EU’s accountability, transparency, effectiveness and trustworthiness and to make Neighbourhood countries more resilient, equitable and responsive to the needs of their local populations.





Horizon Europe & sub-programmes


36 months (October 2022 – September 2025)

Within the SHAPEDEM-EU project, EaP CSF brings the perspective of the civil society from the Eastern Neighbourhood, recalling the importance of listening to local voices in the attempt to analyse and rethink the policies and practices of EU democracy support in the region. Through its diverse membership and expertise, EaP CSF aims at bridging the gap between academic and institutional discourses on democracy and democracy support with concrete examples of activism, advocacy campaigns, and bottom-up initiatives that contribute to democracy and democratisation.

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    Alexandra Sabou
    Advocacy and EaP Index Manager
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    Kristina Pitalskaia
    Programme Officer – SHAPEDEM-EU
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