EaP CSF Delegates

The delegates are organisations from EaP countries and the EU member states whose representatives are selected for a two-year cycle from current members of the Forum and non-members based on their expression of interest in response to an EaP CSF-initiated call, following established selection criteria and structural and thematic quotas.

Who Are the EaP CSF Delegates? 

Every two years, the EaP CSF launches a call for delegates, to which civil society organisations from the six EaP countries and European member states are invited to apply.

The delegates of the Forum for the 2024-2026 cycle will be selected based on the votes of National Platforms, Working Group Coordinators and EU delegations in line with the selection criteria and structural and thematic quotas outlined in the infographics below.

Over the course of their 2-year mandate, chosen delegates become part of a select group of prominent civil society organisations engaged in the Eastern Partnership region. They gain exclusive access to the EaP CSF’s EaP Civil Society Summit, attended by over 300 participants among stakeholders, donors and civil society representatives. They have the chance to connect and actively engage in annual working groups and General Assembly meetings. Together, they advocate for shared goals, collaborate on regional projects, influence official events within the Eastern Partnership policy framework, gain exclusive access to funding and capacity-building opportunities, and take part in various other activities organised by the Forum.



Who can apply to become an EaP CSF Delegate?

Common selection criteria:

  Non-partisanship – delegates must be non-governmental, non-partisan (not affiliated
   institutionally to a political party) organisations that respect democratic values. They should
   also be bona fide, independent organisations in their own right;
•  Diversity of spheres of activity – the involvement of all the major components of civil society
   and adequate representation for each of the thematic Working Groups, as well as EaP
   Platforms and panels should be ensured;
•  Involvement in the EaP thematical areas – delegates should be involved in activities relevant
   to the Eastern Partnership priorities;
•  Involvement in the EaP CSF – active previous involvement in the EaP CSF activities is
•  Rotation – the quotas of new and returning delegates need to be respected;
•  Gender balance and gender equality – a gender-balanced dimension in the selection process
   of delegates is encouraged and has to be ensured by the Forum.


Delegate Selection Criteria and Process

Download the selection criteria.

Download the selection process guidelines.

2021-2024 Cycle of Delegates (Exceptionally extended)

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