EaP CSF Strategy

The two strategies serve as a solid foundation to steer our work and report on the impact, allowing us to deliver better results and develop together as a platform with a stronger voice in the EU and EaP countries.

Strategy 2022-2030

The new Strategy for 2022-2030 has been formulated in a crucial and very challenging period of time for both the Eastern Partnership policy and individual EaP countries. The COVID-19 crisis has not subsided and the situation in Belarus has worsened for civil society and citizens who disapprove of the authoritarian regime there.

This Strategy is based on a comprehensive consultation process and outlines the four main outcomes to which it should lead us. We see the Strategy as a living document that will guide our planning and activities, while also being useful for all constituent parts of the Forum – individual delegates and members, National Platforms and their secretariats, Working Groups, and the Steering Committee and its Secretariat.

Gender Mainstreaming Strategy 2021-2023

The EaP CSF’s Gender Assessment, conducted from June to September 2020, revealed that despite its cross-cutting dimension – touching on statutory, communication, policy, advocacy and project work – currently, gender equality is only to a limited extent integrated into the regulations and practices of the Forum. While its full integration remains an important step towards gender mainstreaming, a stronger commitment from both the membership and the leadership structures of the Forum is needed to ensure the promotion of gender equality as an expressed value of EaP CSF.