The Eastern Partnership Index

Welcome to the Eastern Partnership Index (EaP Index), a robust data-driven monitoring tool crafted by civil society from the Eastern Partnership region. Our mission is to meticulously track the reform journey of the six Eastern Partnership countries—Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, and Ukraine—towards sustainable democratic development and European integration.

Measuring progress

The EaP Index serves as a beacon, evaluating the progress made by the six EaP countries under three dimensions:

  • Democracy, good governance, and the rule of law
  • Policy convergence with the European Union
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Dynamic analysis

The EaP Index goes beyond mere data collection and measurement; the Index is attuned to various forms of change. It notes instances of reform progress, advancements, democratic backsliding, policy deviations, as well as cases of stasis and non-change. This nuanced approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of each country’s trajectory and approximation with the European Union.

Cross-cutting issues

The EaP Index delves deeper than surface-level analysis. It integrates cross-cutting issues across its evaluation, with a keen focus on gender equality and human rights. This inclusive approach enriches insights, providing a holistic view of the region’s development.

Audience and impact

Beyond its role as a monitoring tool, the EaP Index serves as a catalyst for informed decision-making. EU and EaP stakeholders, policymakers, media and civil society leverage its insights to navigate the evolving reform landscape of EaP countries.

Cite as:

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (2024), Eastern Partnership Index 2023. Charting Performance in the Eastern Partnership: Democracy and Good Governance, Policy Convergence and Sustainable Development, Eastern Partnership Index, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Brussels,

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The monitoring work we do is possible thanks to our donors and supporters, members and friends of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.  

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