2020 Re-granting to Working Group 3, Project 1

Ecosystem services and hydropower: pilot application of European tools in the river basins of the EaP countries

The International Association of River Keepers ECO-TIRAS (Moldova) and their project partners from other EaP countries aim at a sustainable equilibrium of energey, water, and food. Hence, their project is set to boost renewable energy and to make the ecosystem approach an obligatory component of any sectoral activity on hydropower development.

At a glance

Lead organisation: International Association of River Keepers ECO-TIRAS (Moldova)

Partner organisations:

  • National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  • “KHAZER” Ecological and Cultural NGO (Armenia)
  • Azerbaijan Ornithological Society (Azernbaijan)
  • NGO “Ecosphere (Ukraine)

Project duration: 15 May – 31 December 2020

Project aim: The overall objective of this project is to strengthen the implementation of the ecosystem approach and ecosystem services concepts in the development of hydropower at the national and local levels in EaP countries, as a component of European Green Deal – a new growth strategy.

The project is a follow-up of the project “Ecosystem approach to hydropower: facilitating the implementation of European requirements to the development of the hydropower sector in the states of the Eastern Europe Partnership” implemented through the 2019 EaP CSF Re-Granting cycle and corresponds to the thematic priorities of Working Group 3.

The findings of the previous project showed the absence of understanding of the importance of an ecosystem approach to any economic activity, including the hydropower sector. Furthermore, it demonstrated the lack of relevant methodologies and modelling tools for valuation of ecosystem services in EaP countries.

The new project will carry out the firs assessment of the ecosystem services using the best European tools, and adapting them to specific economic activities at the river basin scale. The envisaged project results can be replicated and used for the river basins management plans across the EaP region.

Available for download

Predecessor project from 2019 Re-granting to Working Group 3: Ecosystem approach to hydropower: facilitating the implementation of European requirements to development of hydropower sector in states of Eastern Europe Partnership, National Ecological Centre of Ukraine, 2019