Vilnius, 17 October 2019

4th EaP Energy Panel

Matúš Mišík and Igor Stukalenko brought a civil-society perspective to the policy exchange with EU and EaP stakeholders at the EaP Panel on Energy in Vilnius. The two experts contributed to the discussions with their recommendations on renewable and clean energy sources developed at the Working Group 3 meeting earlier in 2019.

Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum’s (EaP CSF) experts Matúš Mišík (Slovak Foreign Policy Association) and Igor Stukalenko (Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, Ukraine) provided recommendations and raised issues, relevant to the development of strategies, opportunities and challenges in the area of renewable energy development in Eastern Partner Countries. Mišík presented similarities between the issues that Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries are struggling with when it comes to renewable sources of energy as these can thus serve as a learning platform for EaP countries. The experience of CEE countries should be utilised by EaP countries to prevent mistakes made and learn from these when implementing renewables into their energy mixes, pointed Mišík.

The input prepared for the Panel meeting in Vilnius was elaborated in a broader group of experts during the Working Group 3 (Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security) earlier in 2019. 

Available for download

Meeting Report “4th Energy Panel”, European Commission, 2019