Re-granting Scheme

(Financial Support to third parties – FSTP)

The EaP CSF Re-granting scheme (Financial Support to third parties – FSTP) for EaP CSF members supports projects, which have a regional connection and facilitate the work on EaP policy priorities and peer to peer learning.

One of the major focus of the scheme is to strengthen the regional perspective, bridging the emerging gaps among the EaP countries while acknowledging their different paths and contractual relations with the EU. This Re-granting scheme supports civil society organisations from the EaP and the EU.

On the course of 2015-2020 six calls have been released with 85 projects benefiting from the scheme.

Call for Proposals 2021 – Lot 3

Following the success of its Re-granting to Working Groups scheme over the past six years, the EaP CSF Secretariat has launched a Call for Proposals under its new, re-worked Re-granting to Members programme. This scheme aims to support the work of EaP CSF member organisations to develop and deliver on the strategic policy and capacity building priorities of the Forum within the regional dimension.

The call for applications is now closed. EaP CSF Secretariat has received 31 applications in total, out of which 27 are eligible. View the full list of eligible proposals below.

The selection process continues and the final beneficiaries will be informed on 14 April 2021. 

Why Re-granting is important?

The projects deliver substantial policy input, provide capacity building and trainings, as well as activities and campaigns focusing on the grassroots level connecting the civil society with the interest and needs of wider public in the EaP countries. The project results contribute to the policy implementation under the EaP multilateral roof, to the process of reforms in the EaP countries and to EaP CSF advocacy in Brussels, EU and EaP capitals.

Our Projects in 2020

In the cycle for 2020, the Secretariat received 33 proposals, out of which 31 passed the eligibility screening. In the next step, Working Group Selection Committees evaluated all received proposals. Afterwards the European Commission validated the results. The final list of selected projects in 2020 is available here

Working Group 1

Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Stability

Working Group 2

Economic Integration & Convergence with EU Policies

Working Group 3

Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security

Working Group 4

Contacts between People

Working Group 5

Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue

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Calls (2015-2020)

Ongoing Projects

Total budget

Our grantees say…

“The Re-granting Scheme helped Euro Aqua project to create EU-EaP partnerships on issues related to the local water management. By sharing best practises we addressed local stakeholders who work on implementing water sector directives”.

Margit Säre

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, Working Group 3 Project

“With the support of the EaP CSF re-granting scheme, we made a our step forward in improving the situation with youth and social entrepreneurship, particularly in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine”.

Hovsep Khurshudyan

Free Citizens, Working Group 4 project

“The EaP CSF Re-granting scheme gives us great opportunity to learn how the same ideas can be implemented in different ways. It is possible only if you work with six different partners from all EaP countries”.

Yuliia Savelieva

NGO Public Center “New Generation", Working Group 1 Project

“The EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme helped us to build synergies with our partners, while debating on policy changes needed for social security regulations in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Facing similar regional socio-economic challenges, like migration, social support, or education project partners benefited from sharing experience and establishing joint advocacy activities”.

Sierž Naūrodski

CASE Belarus, Working Group 5 Project

Interested to apply?

Who can apply?

The overall objective of this Call for Proposals is to support the work of the EaP CSF members to develop and deliver on the strategic policy and capacity building priorities of the Forum within the regional dimension.

Eligible applicants:

  • Be a legal person;
  • Be non-profit-making;
  • Be a civil society organisation (CSO);
  • Be established in an EaP or EU country;
  • Be an EaP CSF member;
  • Be able to receive the grant (funds) on its bank account, provide account statements and have a financial management system in place to ensure clear and adequate reporting procedures.

Other Criteria:

  • A CSO can submit only one proposal as the lead applicant. A lead applicant may act as a project partner in other proposal(s) within this call.
  • An organisation can only be a lead applicant under the EaP CSF Re-granting to Members 2021-2023 once throughout the three-year duration of the program.
  • Individual experts in the capacity of natural person can be involved as a third party; their participation is welcome but does not establish/substitute compliance with the regional dimension criterion (art. 4.1.)

Financial allocations:

Annual or multi-year grants to consortiums of CSOs, for an implementation period of 4-8 months (15 April – 15 December, 2021)

  • maximum amount allocated per year: EUR 100.000
  • minimum size of the grant: EUR 10.000 annually
  • maximum size of the grant: EUR 30.000 annually
  • minimum 5% co-financing is requested

How to apply?

Proposals shall be submitted in English (proposals in Russian will be accepted on the condition that the project outputs are delivered also in English). Read the guidelines here.

The proposal must be composed of:

  • A narrative proposal detailing the action (mandatory use of template in Annex I)
  • A budget proposal in EUR (mandatory use of template in Annex II)
  • A declaration of honour on the financial eligibility of the lead applicant (mandatory use of template in Annex III)

Proposals must be submitted to: by 14 March 2021, (23.59 Brussels time (CET)).

Our Donors

The EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme (FSTP) is funded by the European Union as part of its support to civil society in the region. Grants are available for CSOs from the Eastern Partnership and EU countries.

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