COVID-19 Re-granting projects

(Financial Support to Third Parties – FSTP)



In light of the outbreak of the pandemic, EaP CSF has launched a short-term COVID-19 support scheme for its members. The funds aimed at mitigation of the effects of COVID-19, addressing the needs of the vulnerable population exacerbated by the current pandemic and strengthening the internal capacities of the CSOs in addressing those needs.

The total amount of  EUR 240.000 was split among projects from 6 EaP countries. Projects were implemented between November 2020 and February 2021. Below you will find more information about the projects implemented within the scheme.



Civil society organisations are at the forefront of efforts to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Eastern Partnership region. In a situation, which has put the crisis management capacities of the EaP governments to the test, CSOs have stepped up to the plate, mobilising in defence of fundamental rights and freedoms, and in support of vulnerable groups and the economy.

On the course of the call for applications for COVID-19 Re-granting projects in 2020 the Secretariat received 81 proposals, out of which 71 passed the eligibility screening. To respond to the health crisis the EaP CSF supported 23 short-term projects from its member organisations from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine with an overall amount of 240.000 eur.

The projects aimed at addressing the needs of the vulnerable population exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic and strengthening the capacities of the CSOs in addressing those needs.

Selected projects


Five COVID-19 Re-granting projects are being implemented in Armenia, focusing on rapid assistance for vulnerable populations and bridging the digital divide. View the projects here.


The three selected COVID-19 Re-granting projects in Azerbaijan include support to vulnerable citizens and a study on challenges that people above 65 face in the pandemic. Read more here.


The EaP CSF is funding three projects in Belarus in the scope of COVID-19 Re-granting.


The four COVID-19 Re-granting projects in Georgia raise awareness on available support to vulnerable groups and strengthen inclusiveness. Read more here.


The EaP CSF supports four projects in Moldova, facilitating access of children to education and helping organisations adapt to working safely during the pandemic. View the projects here.


The three projects in Ukraine promote capacity building, cycling infrastructure, and counter disinformation. Read more here.

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