In 2016 in the framework of the EaP CSF re-granting scheme the Secretariat received 59 proposals, out of which 49 passed the eligibility screening. The majority of the eligible proposals were submitted under the priorities of the Working Group 1 “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability”, Working Group 2 “Economic Integration & Convergence with EU Policies, and Working Group 4 “Contacts between People”. The Selection Committee decided to provide funding for 18 projects. The selected projects cover at least three Eastern Partnership countries.

The selection process included:

  • selection of proposals that should be potentially supported based on the rating and comments of the Selection Committee’s individual members
  • discussion of each proposal and the Selection Committee’s agreement on recommendations, as well as on the grants’ amounts

The level of participation was high with many applications of good quality and with the requested amount that exceeded several times the total budget available for this scheme.

Working Group 5: Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue

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