Lead Organization: Belarusian Congress Of Democratic Trade Unions

PartnersConfederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine, Labour Institute

Project duration: 1 May 2016- 30 November 2016

Aim: to describe the vulnerabilities of the regional machinery sector to external shocks and to propose policy mechanisms to support employment in that sector.

Outputs: an analytical report on the situation in machinery sector, its major issues and prospects; three policy papers containing policy solutions to offset external shocks in the machinery sector; a common Road map on harmonization of national legislations on machinery with EU norms.




Machine Industry Transformation in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova. Analytical Report

Реформа машиностроения в Республике Moлдова (RU)

Реформа машиностроения в Беларуси (RU)


Реформа машиностроения в Украине (RU)

Дорожная карта по социально-ответственной реформе машиностроения в Беларуси, Молдове и Украине (RU)