Lead Organization: ALDA

PartnersCommunity Finances Officers, Centre for Support for Economic Initiatives, Lev Sapieha Foundation, Centre for Strategic Research and Development for Georgia, Institute for Urban Development of Moldova, CCC Creative Centre

Project duration: 

Aim: to improve the functioning of public administrations and decentralization of decision making by examining the recent developments on public administration reform and local government decentralization in each EaP country and by elaborating recommendations for national and EU policy-makers

Outputs: completion of a country-level analysis of public administration reforms in the EaP countries, with the input of local and international experts in the domain of public administration reforms, an EU-level research on public administration and decentralisation in the ENPI policies and other EU instruments

16th Meeting of the Eastern Partnership Platform 1: Democracy, Good Governance and Stability

Strengthening of local and regional democracy


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Policy Paper

Public Administration and Local Governments Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries


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