Lead Organization: National Environmental Center

PartnersInernational Business and Economic Development Center, NGO “Good deeds”

Project duration: 1 May 2016- 30 November 2016

Aim: to raise awareness about the Association Agreements’ (AA) requirements on waste management and to inform the public about the benefits of their implementation.

Outputs: the project partners will develop a survey to evaluate the situation in the field of waste management and organise info days to discuss waste management issues with the relevant stakeholders. The Moldovan partners will organise open day, with municipal enterprise of Chisinau for journalists and civic activists in order to see how waste is collected and what happens to separately collected fractions of waste. Also, a report for policy-makers on the gaps in the AA implementation on waste management and material for the public about waste management in multifamily buildings will be composed. 

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Waste Management in Georgia


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Waste Management in Republic of Moldova


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