Working Group 4

EaP CSF Working Group “Contacts between People” focuses on a number of areas that include Education, Youth, Culture, Research and Innovation, corresponding to a thematic Platform 4. It is the second largest group in the Forum, aiming to contribute to the improvement of the educational quality offered, advance modern youth policies, and promote inclusiveness across the EaP and EU countries. 


About Working Group 4

The following content related goals of the Working Group were agreed on by its members: 

  • Promote and disseminate information on EU issues and the opportunities provided by the EU by developing an information society and by enlarging the network of European Information Points
  • Address specific situations and levels of development of civil society in each EaP countries, in particular through using existing leaders’ networks for strengthening common understanding, sharing of values and co-operation between NGOs from EaP and EU states
  • Facilitate non-formal education and increase funding for internships and volunteer opportunities, school exchange programmes and distance learning
  • Enhance the active participation of young people in decision-making processes at all levels and develop mechanisms for involving them in the achievement of EaP goals
  • Develop special programmes for peace and intercultural education for young people in post conflict areas
  • Foster cultural exchanges and co-operation between EU and EaP countries and encourage ratification/fostering implementation of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions in the 6 EaP countries

Working Group 4 members

Membership in the EaP CSF is open to all civil society organisations from the EaP countries and EU member states that are active in the Eastern Neighbourhood. These can include grassroots organisations, trade unions, farmers’ and consumers’ organisations, think tanks, employers’ organisations, professional associations, faith-based organisations, non-profit foundations and more. Browse through the full list of our members of the Working Group 4. 

Re-granting projects to WG4

Latest Publications

Latest WG4 Meetings

Working Group 4 meets twice a year – during the Annual Assembly and once again in Brussels – to discuss the common goals and activities that have been put forward through the respective Working Group structures in the respective EaP countries. The latest WG4 meeting reports can be viewed and download below.

WG4 Coordinators

At the beginning of each biennial delegate cycle, the delegates of each WG elect two Coordinators from among their number – one representing an organisation from an EaP country, and one representing an organisation from an EU member state. The role of WG Coordinators is to oversee and facilitate the work of the WG, including by formulating the discussion, advocacy and capacity building priorities of the group, in close collaboration with its members. The details of the current WG Coordinators for the 2020-2021 cycle can be viewed below.

Tatiana Poshevalova

Eurobelarus, Belarus, Working Group 4 EaP Coordinator

Sintija Bernava

Donum Animus, Latvia, Working Group 4 EU Coordinator