2020 Re-granting to Working Group 4, Project 1

InclusiON NOW! Development of Inclusive Youth Work in the Eastern Partnership countries

The Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) and its project partners from the EaP and the EU will offer an opportunity for professional development to a group of youth professionals who work in the area of youth inclusion in all countries of the Eastern Partnership.

At a glance

Lead organisation: Armenian Progressive Youth (Armenia)

Partner organisations:

  • Belarusian students’ association “BSA” (Belarus)
  • Local Democracy Agency Georgia (Georgia)
  • Foundation for Advancement of Moldova (Moldova)
  • Youth organization “STAN” (Ukraine)
  • IZ – Verein zur Förderung von Vielfalt, Dialog und Bildung (Austria)
  • AEGEE – Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe (Belgium)
  • Stiftelsen Fryshuset (Sweden)

Project duration: 01 April – 31 October 2020

Project aim: Many vulnerable young people in the Eastern Partnership countries have limited access to the four major aspects of inclusion: education, healthcare, employment and civic participation. Due to political and socio-economic circumstances, vulnerable young people in the Eastern Partnership countries are often ostracised by the general population due to the nature of their stigma. Rural youth, Roma youth, LGBTI youth, young refugees, migrants, young people with disabilities as well as young people in conflict zones are being marginalised. Extreme levels of discrimination and homophobia can be observed in all six countries of the Eastern Partnership. The efforts of civil society organisations to advocate for more equality and inclusion, often meet huge backlash from both the authorities and mainstream society.

Additionally, it aims at incorporating the issue of inclusion of young people into the advocacy goals of Working Group 4 of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum and advocating for more youth inclusion both at the national and European levels.