Helsinki, 11 – 12 December 2019

Stronger Together – EaP Media Conference

Veronica Onea (ADEPT, Moldova), Anna Lekas Miller (Media Diversity Institute, United Kingdom) have advocated for more cross-border communication amongst young media professionals from the EaP region at the EaP Media Conference in Helsinki.

The Forum representatives contributed with oral interventions in the workshops about fact checking of political information and about the “earning principle” of start-ups in digital media landscapes. They raised questions about the importance of language, in which young media professionals communicate with their audience, and reflected why it is important to do fact checking? With regard to fact checking, young media professionals should be ready to monitor and analyze their information sources before they select them for their news coverage. Fake news should be approached with facts-based counter narratives. Media professionals need to be aware of their responsibility vis-a-vis their readers. Hence, it is key to build trust and credibility with one’s audience and to make sure to communicate openly and transparently with stakeholders.

During the conference, the Forum representatives met with Young European Ambassadors from Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine and discussed the situation of media in their countries. The Forum representatives advise their colleagues in Working Group 1 to support developing strong regional communication channels amongst young media professionals. To that end, joint projects in the educational field should be implemented, and joint participation at forthcoming EU-level events should be organised.