Working Group 2

EaP CSF Working Group “Economic Integration & Convergence with EU Policies” deals with the main issues on the agenda of EaP Thematic Platform 2 of the same name.

It tackles one of the biggest ambitions fixed at the Prague Summit which aimed at regional economic integration between Eastern Partner countries and opening negotiations on the deep and comprehensive free trade areas between the EU and the Eastern partner countries.


Working Group members

Membership in the EaP CSF is open to all civil society organisations from the EaP countries and EU member states that are active in the Eastern Neighbourhood. These can include grassroots organisations, trade unions, farmers’ and consumers’ organisations, think tanks, employers’ organisations, professional associations, faith-based organisations, non-profit foundations and more. Browse through the full list of our members of the Working Group 2. 

About Working Group 2

Working Group 2 has a number of policy priorities which it seeks to further promote in the EaP’s agenda, including:


  • Creating a favorable regulatory and economic environment for SMEs through the implementation of structural reforms;
  • Addressing dysfunctionalities in the financial sector and gaps in access to finance for SMEs;
  • Supporting the creation of job opportunities at national/ regional/ local level;
  • Supporting equal access between men and women to job opportunities;
  • Fostering the harmonisation of Partner Countries’ digital markets;
  • Supporting the the easy and affordable access to internet, namely  in rural areas through the development and implementation of broadband strategies;
  • Promoting the participation of consumer protection organisations in developing, implementing and monitoring new national action plans;
  • Mainstreaming the principles of sustainable development across all policy areas and introducing adequate responses to climate change;
  • Supporting partner countries’ efforts to become members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO);

Re-Granting Projects to WG2

Latest Publications

Latest WG2 meetings

Working Group 2 meets twice a year – once in Brussels or an EaP country, and again during the Forum’s Annual Assembly – to discuss the common goals and activities that have been put forward through the respective Working Group structures of the EaP CSF National Platforms. The latest WG2 meeting reports can be viewed and downloaded below.

About Coordinators

Olga Chyzhova

Digital Communication Network (Estonia, EU Coordinator), Working Group 2 coordinator,
Email: [email protected]

Maksym Koriavets

Foundation for International and Regional Studies (Ukraine, EaP Coordinator)
Email: [email protected]