2020 Re-granting to Working Group 2, Project 2

National smart laboratories: promoting the smart specialisation approach in regional development of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

The NGO “Pro Regional Cooperation” (Moldova) and its project partners from Belarus and Ukraine will work towards building regional capacity through key approaches, in particular local conditions, knowledge base and regional economy for civil society in selected countries of the Eastern Partnership.

At a glance

Lead organisation: NGO “Pro Regional Cooperation” (Moldova)

Partner organisations:

  • International Foundation for Rural Development (Belarus)
  • Kharkiv Regional Organization of the Professional Union of Entrepreneurs (Ukraine)

Project duration: 01 June – 31 December 2020

Project aim: This project aims to share Ukrainian experiences of introducing the smart specialisation approach and other best practices to Moldova and Belarus, as well as to identify ideas that could work in target EaP partner countries. The project also aims at discussing and testing these ideas in practice by organising regional events in target partner countries. Moreover, the project focuses on how to encourage governments of EaP countries to adopt and implement regional development strategies that will be particularly beneficial for public-private dialogue, SMEs and innovation ecosystems in the region.