The EaP CSF Re-granting scheme supports the projects of the EaP CSF members with a regional dimension that contribute to achieving its mission and facilitate the work of its five thematic Working Groups. Three calls for proposals have been implemented on the course of 2015-2017 with 48 projects benefiting from the scheme. The projects delivered substantial policy input, capacity building and trainings, as well as activities and campaigns focusing on the grassroots level connecting the civil society with the interest and needs of wider public in the EaP countries. The project results contributed to the policy implementation under the EaP multilateral roof, to the process of reforms in the EaP countries and to EaP CSF advocacy in Brussels, EU and EaP capitals. One of the major focus of the scheme is to strengthen the regional perspective, bridging the emerging gaps among the EaP countries while acknowledging their different paths and contractual relations with the EU.


In 2017 in the framework of the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme the Secretariat received 60 proposals, out of which 52 passed the eligibility screening. The Selection Committee decided to provide funding for 15 projects conditionally on the implementation of specific recommendations to be communicated to the applicants. Not all proposals are fully funded. The selected applicants will be contacted by email after 27 February. The grant agreements are expected to be signed in the coming weeks.

The majority of the selected proposals were developed under the priorities of the Working Group 1 “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability”, Working Group 3 “Environment, climate change and energy security” and Working Group 4 “Contacts between People” and cover at least three Eastern Partnership countries.

The selection process included:

  • selection of proposals that should be potentially supported based on the rating and comments of the Selection Committee’s individual members
  • discussion of each proposal and the Selection Committee agreement on recommendations, as well as on the grants’ amounts

The level of participation was high with many applications of good quality and with the requested amount that exceeded several times the total budget available for this scheme. It is our hope that the EaP CSF will be able to provide sub-grants for a greater number of projects the next year.


Working Group 1
  1. Adopting Experience on Bilateral EU-Moldova and EU-Georgia CS Platforms to Armenia (Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Armenia)
  2. Eastern Partnership Think Tank Forum 2017 (Institute for European Policies and Reforms, Moldova)
  3. Cooperation between civil society and governments in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia: challenges and way forward (Prague Security Studies Institute, Czech Republic)
  4. Inclusion in Action (Union of Organizations of People with Limited Abilities, Moldova)
  5. Capacity development for gender subgroups of National Platforms in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine (Women’s Resource Centre, Armenia)
Working Group 2
  1. Benefitting from EU open market: SMEs practical guide to DCFTA learning from experience of Latvia (Association of Women in Business, Georgia)
  2. Enhancing the role of civil society and SME from Eastern Partnership countries in the implementation of European standards (Center for Innovation and Policies, Moldova)
Working Group 3
  1. Energy watchdog coalition (Expert Forum, Romania)
  2. Smart waste management in Eastern Partnership Countries (Good Deeds, Ukraine)
  3. Advancing Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine for the European Environmental Governance Reforms (MAMA-86, Ukraine)
Working Group 4
  1. Everybody Counts: Rural Youth Empowerment in Eastern Partnership Countries (Armenian Progressive Youth, Armenia)
  2. Ageing and intergenerational solidarity- advocating age-friendly policies in Eastern Partnership countries (Coalition Homecare, Georgia)
  3. Creative Europe Forum (Golden Apricot Fund for Cinema Development, Armenia)
Working Group 5
  1. The impact of social dialogue on the optimization of labor migration in Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine (Labour Institute, Moldova)
  2. Step forward to social services decentralization in Eastern Partnership countries (Research-Intellectual Club “Dialogue of Generations”, Georgia)


january, 2018

23jan3:00 pm- 7:00 pmEastern Partnership Index 2015-2016: Charting Progress in European Integration, Democratic Reforms, and Sustainable Development

24jan - 25jan 249:00 amjan 25Steering Committee Meeting

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