EaP CSF advocacy plan for the Istanbul Convention

The project aims at facilitating the implementation of the Istanbul Convention for the countries of the EU Eastern Partnership. Among other measures, the project partners advise EaP countries to introduce courses on gender equality and nonviolent conflict resolution at all educational institutions at all levels (pre-school, school, high school, universities).

Vesta, the Moldovan NGO for Mothers of large families and women-entrepreneurs of Gagauzia conducted this Re-granting project on gender-based violence together with five other project partners: Armenia’s Women’s Resource Centre, Georgia’s Women’s Political Resource Centre, the Belarusian Organization of Popular Education ABF, Women’s Perspectives from Ukraine, and Azerbaijan’s Women’s Association for Rational Development. During the period of March to August 2019, the project partners aimed at promoting the prevention, protection and prosecution of gender-based and domestic violence. Furthermore, they set out to achieve the successful implementation and ratification of the Istanbul Convention in all EaP countries.

Available for download

Project report “Prevention, Protection and Prosecution of the Gender-Based Violence in EaP countries”, Gender Network of Eastern Partnership, 2019