Labour rights of migrant workers from EaP countries

This Re-granting project produced a study on labour rights of migrant workers from the EaP countries Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia who are engaged in the informal sector of the EU labour market. The study elaborates policy recommendations with the aim to improve the situation of labour migrants from the perspective of labour rights protection.

Georgian Trade Union Confederation conducted this Re-granting projects on labour rights together with the Poland-based civil society organisation CASE Belarus, the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, and the Construction and Building Materials Industry Workers’ Union of Ukraine from April to September 2019. Compiling a final paper, the project partners aimed at improving the situation of labour migrants from EaP countries in informal sectors of the EU labour market, by applying a labour rights protection perspective.

Available for download

Policy Paper (EN, RU) “Labour Rights of Migrant Workers from EaP Countries”, Chanturidze, Eliseev, Babitsky et al., 2019