Re-granting 2018

In 2018, in the framework of the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme, the Secretariat received 52 proposals, out of which 38 passed the eligibility screening. The Selection Committee will make a decision on which projects will be funded by the 5th of March 2018.

2018 Call for Project Proposals under the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme

List of Eligible Projects and Lead Organisations

Working Group 1
  1. E-participation for transparent and accountable local government (National Assistance and Information Centre for NGOs in Moldova)
  2. Enhancing civil cooperation aimed at efficient implementation of the judicial and anti-corruption reforms (Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation, Ukraine)
  3. Civil Society impulse to Open Governance in a multi-speed context of EU approximation (EuroBelarus, Belarus)
  4. EaP Think Tank Forum 2018 – A new security agenda for EaP. The regional approach (Expert for Security and Global Affairs Association (ESGA), Romania)
  5. Increasing Capacity for Implementing Efficient Gender Policy and Practices in countries of Eastern Partnership – in accordance to “Eastern Partnership – 20 Deliverables for 2020” (NGO “Bureau of gender strategy and budgeting”, Ukraine)
  6. Protecting the rights of children with palliative care needs through public reforms and innovative partnerships between civil society and governments in Belarus, Armenia and Ukraine (in electoral years) (Healthprom, UK)
  7. Index of Civil Liberties (International Centre for Policy Studies, Ukraine)
  8. Dismantling hybrid threats and disinformation through cooperative endeavour: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia (in electoral years) (Institute for development and social initiatives “Viitorul”, Moldova)
  9. Civic Education Landscape – 2018: Input of Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine (International Charitable Fund “The Academy of Ukrainian Press”)
  10. Analysing Electoral Disinformation on Social Media in EaP Countries (International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), Georgia)
  11. Activating & Strengthening Youth Participation in Public Administration Reform in EaP (ASPIRE) (Local Democracy Agency, Georgia)
  12. Civil society for combating corruption and promotion open governance in the EaP countries (Public İnitiatives Centre (PIC), Azerbaijan)
  13. Resilience Index of the Eastern Partnership Countries (Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, Ukraine)
Working Group 2
  1. Strengthening regional SMEs (Business Union of Latvia, Latvia)
  2. Facilitation of Regional Professional Education in Agriculture and Rural development in EaP countries (Center for cross-border cooperation, Ukraine)
  3. Raising Georgian, Moldovan and Ukrainian CSOs’ expertise on DCFTA to support local SMEs1 participation in the EU single market (Eastern Europe Studies Centre (EESC))
  4. Convergence business climate in the Eastern Partnership countries with the business climate in the EU (Entrepreneurship Development Foundation (EDF), Azerbaijan)
  5. Closing the gap between the demand and supply of digital skills in the most digitally transforming sectors in EaP countries (Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova) (International Business and Economic Development Center, Georgia)
  6. Public Private dialog rules and practice in the Eastern Partnership countries (Strengthening SME capabilities through a developing public private dialog) (“Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship”, Belarus)
Working Group 3
  1. Public Participation for ambitious climate policy in EaP cities (Non-governmental organization “Ecoclub”, Ukraine)
  2. Environmental Assessment Watch (Implementation of SEA and EIA tools: civil society monitoring of the situation in the target countries) (International charitable organisation “Information Center “Green Dossier”, Ukraine)
  3. Protection of Natural Environment and Promoting of Social-Economic Development of Rural Communities in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova (“Khazer” Ecological and Cultural NGO, Armenia)
  4. EURO AQUA: AA-driven Integrated Local Water Governance in Eap (Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, Estonia)
  5. Transparent energy trading in secessionist regions (Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewables ‘Pro-Energy’, Moldova)
  6. Together – increasing the stabilisation and resilience (NGO “Terra-1530”, Moldova)
Working Group 4
  1. YEEaP, We Can! Young Entrepreneur in the Eastern Partnership (Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe AEGEE, Belgium)
  2. Выявление несоответствий пенсионных законодательств стран ВП международным нормам. Практическое развитие суб-группы «Контакты между сеньорами» (Общественное объединение беларуских пенсионеров «Наше поколение», Belarus)
  3. Creative EaP (Centre for Cultural Management (CCM), Ukraine)
  4. From knowing – to becoming: developing regional Entrepreneurship Academy for empowering youth (Foundation for Advancement of Moldova)
  5. Youth for Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas (“Free Citizen” Civic Initiatives Support Center NGO, Armenia)
  6. Youth Economic Empowerment through Social Entrepreneurship (Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO, Armenia)
  7. Исследование  возможностей и инструментов  вовлечения  молодых людей  , имеющих опыт учебы, работы, проживания в  странах европейского союза в создание  молодежного предпринимательства  в партнерстве  с органами власти и  бизнесом на региональном и локальном  уровне в своих странах (European Choice, Ukraine)
  8. Reduce together disagreements in the South Caucasus (Cultural-Humanitarian Fund “Sukhumi”, Georgia)
Working Group 5
  1. Social partnership for equality (NGO “Bureau of Social and Political Developments”, Ukraine)
  2. Social security regulation between EU countries, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (CASE Belarus, Poland)
  3. Decent Employment for All (Union of Disabled People Organizations of Azerbaijan (UDPOA))
  4. Создание инфраструктуры взаимной защиты прав потребителей-граждан Беларуси, Украины и Молдовы ха территориях Минской, Гомельской и Брестской областей Беларуси, Черниговской, Киевской, Житомирской, Винницкой областей Украины и Республики Молдова (Пуховичская районная организация защиты прав потребителей Общественного объединения “Белорусское общество защиты потребителей”, Belarus)
  5. Seniors for Eurointegration (Philosophy of the heart, Ukraine)