Lead Organisation: NGO “Bureau of Gender Strategy and Budgeting”, Ukraine

Partners: Women’s Resource Centre (Armenia), Women’s Association for Rational Development (Azerbaijan), Organization of Popular Education “ABF” (Belarus). Women’s Political Resource Centre (Georgia), Mothers of Large Families and Women-Entrepreneurs of Gagauzia Vesta – NGO “Vesta” (Moldova)

Project duration: April 2018 to November 2018

Aim: to ensure equality in labour relations, including in the context of gender – strengthening expert support for the implementation of gender plans, establishment of an effective anti-discrimination monitoring and harmonisation of legislation

DOWNLOAD – Publication: “Enhancing capacity of National Platforms of EaP CSF to implement gender equality and non-discrimination policies” (EN)

DOWNLOAD – Publication: “Повышение потенциала Hациональных платформ Форума гражданского общества восточного партнерства в реализации политики гендерного равенства и недискриминации” (RU)

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