22 January 2016

Moldovan Civil Society Organizations, including the Moldovan National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF), signed today on 22 January 2016, the Declaration condemning the methods used for voting the new Government contrary to democratic norms and the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.

Given the circumstances provided in the Declaration:

  • the pressures on the President to appoint a candidate for Prime Minister persistently promoted only by one political party;
  • the subsequent insistence to appoint the same candidate by a parliamentary majority suspected to be formed based on corruption, extortion and intimidation;
  • the boycott by deputies of the candidate initially designated by the President in line with the provisions of the Constitution;
  • the unexpected withdrawal of the second candidate nominated by the President;
  • the evasion of Filip Government members from signing the Integrity Statement proposed by the civil society; its hasty and non-transparent voting;
  • and the covertly sworn in Filip’s Government;

the signatories state the lack of trust in the Government voted on 20 January 2016, until this Government demonstrates the opposite through concrete actions.

The signatories condemn any violent actions against protesters, politicians and police, considering peaceful protests as one of the most democratic ways to show dissatisfaction with the actions of the authorities. The declaration also emphasizes that the Government must take responsibility for the tensions in the society appeared because of the lack of a constructive attitude towards the protesters demands and the lack of an effective dialogue with them.

The undersigned organizations call on policymakers to respect the principles of the rule of law and legislation as well as to rebuild lost confidence in state institutions through immediate and resolute actions.

Text of Declaration