In recent weeks, representatives of the civil society of Belarus have closely followed the social and political developments in Armenia, where large-scale civic protests, strikes and demonstrations have been taking place. They served as a reaction to the appointment of Serzh Sargsyan who used to be the President of Armenia for over 10 years as the Prime Minister.

On behalf of numerous civil society organisations in Belarus, the Belarusian National Platform expresses their full support and solidarity with civil society and pro-democratic forces of Armenia. The Belarusian civil society feels encouraged by the determination of the activists in promoting the values of democracy, good governance, and public accountability. They see the Armenian example as a proof that a strong civil society with the broad support of the people can initiate changes that might seem impossible.

The Belarusian National Platform urges the incumbent authorities and Armenian officials to immediately release all detainees, stop all forms of persecution and publicly apologise to the protesters who exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly.

The Belarusian civil society believes that the citizens and social forces of Armenia will do their utmost to further constructive social dialogue, develop a favourable political culture, promote the country’s participation in the Eastern Partnership and approximation to European norms in all areas.

Statement by the Coordination Committee of the Belarusian National Platform