The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Working Group 2 “Economic integration and convergence with EU policies” held its Annual Meeting on 12-14 September in Brussels. The event covered topics pertaining to SME policies, regional development and agriculture, ICT infrastructure integration, cross-border cooperation and implementation of the DCFTAs.

The members of the Working Group 2 presented EaP CSF 2016 re-granting projects, further development of the WG2 with a reform outline prepared by the WG2 Coordinator Yurii Vdovenko, as well as possible contributions of the Working Group 2 to the EaP CSF Annual Assembly in November.

Furthermore, the three-day event included WG2 members meetings with the EU stakeholders Isabelle Pellier and Peter Engberts from DG NEAR (Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations). The discussions focused on EU4Business, a new European initiative with the aim  to provide funds in the field of economic integration channelled through various actors across the EaP region.

The Annual Meeting of WG2 was followed by a joint training with the participation of WG3 members conducted by the representatives from the European Commission (DG NEAR and DG Environment), UNIDO (UN Industrial Development Organization) and CEE Bankwatch. This involved capacity-building on green economy policies and on monitoring of development funding.


Working Group 2 Meeting Report

Photos from the WG2 Annual Meeting

EU4Business Presentation

WG2 Reform Presentation