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Call for research teams for the elaboration of policy papers

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is looking for research teams or individual researchers for the elaboration of eight thematic policy papers and one framework policy paper.


The EaP CSF takes an innovative approach to the COVID-19 challenge as an opportunity for positive societal transformation in the EaP countries. Since the COVID-19 pandemic affected nearly all public spheres in the EaP region, the EaP CSF seeks to analyse its impact, challenges and responses that are taking place in the EaP countries. Based on this study, the EaP CSF is intended to engage in shaping the public policies in the EaP countries during the COVID-19 crisis and its aftermath.

The thematic and the framework policy papers are aimed at delivering feasible policy recommendations for the EaP governments and EU decision-makers and providing guidelines for civil society, media, businesses, and other sectors. To this end, the papers also assess the EaP 2020 deliverables from a cross-sectoral perspective with minimal country-specific variations determined by application of a one-size framework towards all countries for comparative purposes.




Objectives of the assignment

The EaP CSF will sign nine individual contracts with individual researchers or groups of researchers for the elaboration of nine policy papers (eight thematic ones and one framework policy paper). The policy papers are linked to the work of existing EaP CSF Working Groups (read details here):

The general objective of the policy papers will be to inform the potential for change offered by the COVID-19 crisis. This is based on the assumption that while testing different individual systems on national, regional and local level, the COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for countries, regions and cities to significantly transform these systems.

The policy papers will have the following specific objectives:

  • Analyse how the crisis affected certain policy areas identifying threats and opportunities for the medium and long-term;
  • Assess the implementation of specific EaP 2020 deliverables identified as priorities in each policy paper;
  • Demonstrate policy-driven solutions and recommendations (development of mitigation and adaptation strategies will be an essential part of the papers);
  • Provide a comparative regional perspective and identify lessons learned from both the EaP and the EU.

In addition to the eight thematic papers (eight contracts), one additional paper will be drafted (one contract) summarising the findings of the eight thematic papers.

    Necessary qualifications

    • Second-level university degree or higher in political science, international relations, law, economy or other social sciences;
    • A proven professional experience in the topic that the researcher/research team applies for;
    • A proven experience in working with the EaP countries;
    • Good understanding of the EU policies towards the EaP and socio-economic processes that take place the EaP region;
    • Excellent written communications skills in English;
    • Knowledge of Russian and at least one official language of the EaP countries;
    • Ability to work independently and as a part of the team;
    • Flexibility and ability to work under tight deadlines.


    Evaluation criteria

    • Relevant educational background (10%);
    • Relevant academic and/or professional background in the topic (30%);
    • Experience working with EaP countries (10%);
    • Relevant language skills (20%);
    • Critical review of the theme as presented in the brief proposal (20%)
    • Financial offer (time to be spent within the budget) (10%)

    Scope of the assignment

    The EaP CSF aims at producing, with the help of the research teams, eight policy papers which are similar in structure in order to allow comparability between the themes. You can find indicative contents of the policy papers in the Terms of Reference document on the top of the page.

    Application for the assignment

    Individual researchers or research teams are invited to send their application in English to (Subject line: Research team application)  latest by October 30, 2020 (24h CEST). The applications should contain:

    • A detailed CV(s) tailored to the assignment (max 6 pages)
    • A list of up to 5 publications which are the most relevant/recent to the thematic area(s) the candidate/team applies for.
    • A motivation letter explaining the suitability of the candidate/team to the assignment (max 2 pages, in case of research teams the name of group leader should be specified).
    • A brief proposal of maximum 5 pages taking into consideration this ToR and containing, as a minimum, the following issues:
      • Critically reflect on the methodology proposed in this ToR and state if the researcher/team of researchers would like to propose additional methodological tools and considerations within the assignment;
      • Critically reflect how a relative geographical balance between all six EaP countries will be achieved in the policy paper;
      • Critically reflect on the suggested structure of the policy paper and state if they would add additional elements or limit existing ones with the relevant justification;
      • Critically reflect on the thematic focus of the policy paper and state if there are other thematic aspects and considerations which they would like to address in the papers within the overarching thematic focus;
      • Briefly propose a focus and a format of the recommendations in order to have them as clear and as actionable as possible.
    • A sample of previous work (reports, scientific papers, etc.) written in English by the applicant.
    • Financial offer: as a part of the proposal candidates should specify how many days/hours of work they plan to invest within the provided payment in order to prepare a high quality final product according to the guidelines and requirements specified earlier in this ToR.
    • Framework paper: Candidates should also specify if, at a later stage, they are interested to be considered for the drafting of the framework paper.


    Recruitment process

    The recruitment process will be based on the expertise and skills in the relevant policy areas demonstrated by the researchers/research teams, as well as on their financial proposal. After screening of all applications, the short-listed candidates will be notified and invited for an online interview.

    Contact us

    Alexandra Sabou

    Administrative and Statutory Processes Manager
    Tel: +32 2 893 25 86