On 24-25 January, the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum gathered in Brussels to discuss the revised Eastern Partnership architecture. The members brainstormed on the main goals and campaigns for 2018. During this first meeting of the year, Krzysztof Bobinski, Working Group 1 EU Coordinator, and Aleksandra Kalatozishvili, Working Group 4 EaP Coordinator, were elected as the new Co-chairs of the Steering Committee.
Diana Jablonska (DG NEAR) and Nils Jansons (EEAS) discussed with the Steering Committee the EaP CSF engagement in the activities of the EaP Panels and Platforms and other policy processes in 2018. Ms. Jablonska presented the 2020 Deliverables as a clear roadmap for the EaP that is supposed to break institutional divides. On the other hand, Mr. Jansons mentioned the importance of expert representation of the civil society within the EaP architecture. The SC also discussed the work on the edition of the EaP Index with Jeff Lovitt, the Editor-in-Chief of the publication.
The SC members brainstormed on the policy campaigns for 2018 and discussed the new financial cycle, including the funding for the national platforms.

Three  cities were short-listed for hosting the 2018 Annual Assembly: Tbilisi, Brussels and Vienna.

The next Steering Committee meeting will be held in Minsk, Belarus in April.

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