The EaP CSF Working Group 5 “Social and Labour Policies and Social Dialogue” (WG5) held its annual meeting on 4 July in Brussels.  The focus of the meeting was on establishing a fifth Eastern Partnership (EaP) multilateral platform, enhancing cooperation with EU institutions, social reforms as well social dialogue reforms in the EaP countries, and the draft of the Labour Code of Ukraine. Furthermore, the WG5 participants debated possible topics for the upcoming EaP CSF Annual Assembly in Brussels.

The members of the WG5 also met with representatives from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Alfredas Jonuška (Employers’ Group), Andrzej Adamczyk (Workers’ Group), and Christian Moos (Various Interest Group). The meeting covered issues pertaining to a suggestion to establish a fifth Eastern Partnership (EaP) thematic multilateral platform on social dialogue, improving cooperation between WG5 and the EESC, as well as interpretation of the term “social dialogue”.

Moreover, WG 5 re-granting projects on decentralization of social services in the EaP countries and vulnerabilities of and policy mechanisms to support employment in the regional machinery sector were presented during the meeting.