September 2019

Third annual Steering Committee meeting

During its meeting in Brussels from 9 to 11 September, the Steering Committee discussed its current flagship topics: the Annual Assembly 2019, the Structured Consultations with the European Commission, and the state of play of Re-granting processes. Additionally, the Steering Committee discussed internal procedures and statutory matters.

Flagship topics

The Steering Committee discussed in detail the agenda for 2019’s Annual Assembly in Brussels, and heard the Secretariat’s updates on preparations for the Annual Assembly.

High on the meeting agenda were also the Structured Consultations with the European Commission on the future of the Eastern Partnership post 2020. The Steering Committee decided on the format of the consultation process and output. EaP CSF shall deliver the latter by the end of October 2019.

Furthermore, the Steering Committee heard the latest state of play in re-granting procedures in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Moldova. It agreed on the new timeline for the up-coming Re-granting Call 2019. The Steering Committee also deliberated on accomplished and envisaged funding opportunities.