Brussels, 16 June 2021

Online Steering Committee Meeting

The EaP CSF Steering Committee (SC) convened online on 16 June 2021 to discuss the EaP CSF Co-Chairs’ responsibilities and assess the implications of Nagorno-Karabakh on the Forum’s activities. Additionally, the SC members discussed the draft methodology for the development of the EaP CSF strategy with the selected consultant.

After discussing the responsibilities of the SC Co-chairs, it was agreed that all SC members have the final decision making power, rather than the Co-chairs alone. The role of Co-chairs is to facilitate the decision-making process. 

Moreover, the SC members decided to create a list of concrete examples when the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict had an impact on Forum’s workings. Likewise, it was decided to create a list of concrete solutions that could smoothen such situations.

Additionally, the SC must hold an unbiased view, listen to, and understand the different perspectives shared by Forum members on the conflict. The Forum is looking for possible future joint steps to mitigate the impact of the conflict.

Next, the EaP CSF Strategy Development Consultant – Snjezana Bokulic, presented the draft methodology for the new EaP CSF Strategy (2022-2025). The final version of the methodology will be developed in a participatory manner and will involve discussions with the Secretariat, Steering Committee, Working Groups and National Platforms.

Finally, SC members suggested extending the length of the period covered by the new strategy and put the matter to a second vote online, involving all SC members.

Available for download

Meeting minutes from the Steering Committee Meeting, 15-17 September 2021.