Brussels, 28-29 July 2020

Online Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee met online between the 28 and 29 July to approve the topics of the policy papers, discuss further support to the CSOs in the EaP region affected by the pandemic, and to discuss the strategic development of the Forum after receiving the feedback on the evaluation of the project.

The Steering Committee has approved the topics suggested by the Working Groups on the series of EaP CSF policy papers covering how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced various sectors. The papers will also evaluate the current EaP deliverables for 2020.

Furthermore, the EaP CSF is developing an internal support mechanism for its members in form of re-granting for mitigation of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations and on the CSOs themselves. Thus, the members of the Steering Committee made their suggestions and amendments to the proposed mechanism, which will now be finalised.

Another key discussion point of the meeting were the results of the evaluation of the EU-funded project supporting the EaP CSF activities. The evaluation confirmed that the EaP CSF is a strong, effective and reliable partner and plays an important role in the EaP architecture and processes. The results of the evaluation will be further reflected in the development of the strategy of EaP CSF and the next grant funded by the EU.