EaP CSF Re-Granting (FSTP) to members 2022, Lot 3
Assistance to address the emergency needs of Ukrainian refugees in Moldova
Implementation of activities in response to the emergency needs of vulnerable groups of Ukrainian refugees (children, women, elderly people and people with disabilities, ethnic and racial minorities), to ensure their inclusion and integration into local communities of Moldova. Representatives of NGOs, RACs and LPAs, and social workers have been involved in assuring emergency preparedness, inclusiveness, and non-discrimination.

At a glance

Lead organisation: AO “Pro Cooperare Regională”

Project duration: September 2022 – December 2022

Project outcomes:

  • Immediate emergency support was provided and access to basic goods and services was ensured: 100 refugees/beneficiaries received multi-purpose vouchers (80 EUR worth) in January.
  • Emergency preparedness and resilient recovery capacity at local and regional levels increased. One workshop has been organized focusing on capacities for crisis response of the LPAs representatives, representatives of public institutions such as District welfare departments, and staff of Temporary Refugee Placement Centers have been improved in terms of better coordination and communication, the establishment of information management systems to ensure the effectiveness of provided services to refugees.
  • Cohesion among refugees and members of host communities enhanced, and the mental health and (psychosocial) well-being of the refugees improved. 50 hours of extra-curricular activities were provided and 65 individual/group psychological sessions were conducted.

Target groups: 200 refugees have been reached – most affected local vulnerable people such as refugees from placement centres and/or community centres, children, women, elderly people and people with disabilities, and ethnic and racial minorities.

Final beneficiaries: Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, especially vulnerable groups like children, women, elderly people, and people with disabilities, ethnic and racial minorities.