EaP CSF Re-Granting (FSTP) to members 2022, Lot 2

“Together to Victory” supporting sustainability, security and well-being of the UNP members

This project aims to aid the Ukrainian National Platform members by ensuring communication and identifying needs of members in wartime while providing psychological support.

At a glance

Lead organisation: Ukrainian Trade Union of Workers in Tourism, Spa areas and Hotel Industry (UTTU)

Project duration: September 2022 – January 2023

Project outcomes:

  • Support of Ukrainian National Platform (UNP) Members during wartime
  • Provided psychological support for UNP members during wartime
  • Identified needs of UNP members by creating and distributing a survey to UNP members asking them to identify their priorities and areas in which they needed assistance

Target groups:

  • UNP Members (In Ukraine and abroad)