EaP CSF Re-Granting (FSTP) to members 2022, Lot 3
Holistic Programme for War-Affected Ukrainians Temporary Residing in Georgia
This project aims to provide a holistic programme for war-affected Citizens of Ukraine temporarily allocated in Georgia through an on-place (Tbilisi-based) and remote digital holistic assistance programme. It includes documentation of cases, medical and psychological, legal and social assistance with occupational therapy in the Centre Empathy’s Art Studio.

At a glance

Lead organisation: The International Psycho-Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture, Violence, and Pronounced Stress Impact “Empathy” (RCT/Empathy)

Project duration: September 2022 – January 2023

Project outcomes:

  • Supporting Ukraine to raise cases of war crimes by submitting legal applications to the ICC.
  • Strengthening the personal capacities of the vulnerable – war-affected Ukrainian refugees by improving their psychosocial health conditions and improving their social integration through finding jobs, or/and developing social entrepreneurship through the Centre EMAPTHY’s Art Studio.
  • Development of a large–scale holistic programme that could be recreated in other EaP countries by developing a strategy, a new programme, and raising funds for its implementation.

Target groups:

  • Ukrainian refugees allocated in Georgia – 10 persons – victims of war crimes – most of them women and girls (with special priority for victims of sexual violence), also men with experience of torture and ill-treatment during the war conflict and during “filtration” procedures.
  • 30 persons for the rehabilitation programme (70 % women and girls) – victims of war.
  • Indirect target groups: Refugees from Ukraine – 500 people (Tbilisi and Regions) online will be reached thousands, and EaP platform organizations – 30 persons.