2020 Re-granting to Working Group 5, Project 1

Promoting and Supporting Labor Rights of People with Disabilities with Holistic Approach in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova

The Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union and its partners from Georgia and Moldova will evaluate the local employment environment for people with disabilities (PWDs) and reveal their needs and challenges in the three targeted Eastern Partnership countries.

At a glance

Lead organisation: Azerbaijan Social Work Public Union (Azerbaijan)

Partner organisations:

  • Georgian Association of Social Workers (Georgia)
  • National Association of Social Workers in Moldova (Moldova)

Project duration: 01 May – 30 November 2020

Project aim: This project has three objectives to reach its goal: to evaluate the local environment for employment of PWDs and reveal their needs and challenges in the employment field; establish professional connecting units for PWDs within social work associations to connect them to potential employers and vice-versa; and to increase awareness of the labour rights of PWDs in wider society and among PWDs’ themselves in order to empower them.