EaP CSF Re-Granting (FSTP) to members 2021, Lot 2, Project 1

Advocading for good environmental governance in the EaP region

Resource and Analysis Center Society and Environment and project partners are Research-Intellectual Club Dialogue of Generations, Georgia, and Public Association National Environmental Centre, Moldova aim to implement a project that will contribute to advocationg for a greener EaP region. 

At a glance

Lead organisation: Society and Environment  (Ukraine)

Partner organisations:

  • Dialogue of Generations  (Georgia)

  • National Environmental Center (Moldova)

Project duration: November 2021-October 2022

Project aim: This project has three objectives: to mainstream GEG issues into policy and legislative agenda of the EaP countries and EaP policies at regional level; to contribute to the effective participation of civil society in policy-making and to the EaP governments accountability, and strengthen the role of civil society within EaP policy formulation and implementation on environmental matters; to strengthen EaP regional dimension and cooperation by advocating GEG principles  and exchanging of experiences and best practices.