Towards Ratifying the Istanbul Convention

“Promotion of Women’s and Feminist Initiatives for [the] Ratification [of] the Istanbul Convention and Counteraction [against] Anti-Gender Initiatives in the Region” – Under this project title, the Centre of Women’s Perpectives (Ukraine) and their project partners from other EaP countries advocate for a speedy ratification of the Istanbul Convention for the protection of women in the Eastern Partnership region.

Lead organisation
Partner organisations
  • Women’s Resource Centre (Armenia)
  • Women’s Political Resource Centre (Georgia)
  • Organization of popular education, ABF (Belarus)
  • Mothers of large families and women – entrepreneurs of Gagauzia, Vesta (Moldova)
  • Women’s Association for Rational Development (Azerbaijan)
Project duration
  • launched in March 2020 with a duration until December 2020
Project aim
  • The project develops a joint strategy for addressing religious and right-wing extremist anti-gender initiatives that target women’s rights and the ratification of the Istanbul Convention in EaP countries.
  • The strategy will be developed on the basis of learning strategies and convoyed activities used for ratification/ implementation of the Istanbul Convention in Georgia,  and on examples of other countries that have successfully ratified the Convention.


Available for download

Further information about this project will be updated in a timely manner, and as soon as available to the Secretariat of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.