Brussels, September 2018

Annual Meeting Report on democracy, human rights, good governance and stability

The report highlights the importance of the Forum as a civil society counterpart for the EU, consulted regularly within the multilateral format and by the European Commission. EaP CSF must be ready to provide good input and be effective in responding to requests but also proactive with its own agenda.

The Annual Meeting Report formulates six messages for meetings with external stakeholders. The messages target the creation of an enabling environment for civil society, the Open Government Partnership (OGP), security, media and propaganda, justice reform, rule of law and corruption, as well as the topic of gender equality.

Furthermore, the Report contains the discussions of the Working Group 1 members who met in Brussels from 11 to 12 September 2018. They discussed the new EaP archtitecture and upcoming changes within the Forum, and updated each other on the latest development in the EU and the EaP countries.

Available for download

Report on the Working Group 1 Annual Meeting, Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, September 2018