Tbilisi, 24 February 2022

EaP CSF Georgian National Platform statement on solidarity with Ukraine

We express solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We, the member organizations of the Georgian National Platform, express outrage at the military attack launched by Russian occupation forces on Ukraine. The illegal activity of the President of the Russian Federation serves to destroy an independent, democratic country.

The barbaric act has already claimed the lives of many people. The continuation of the war of aggression will result in many casualties, destruction and damaged institutions. The war declared by the Russian Federation is directed not only against Ukraine, but also undermines the peace and security of the whole of Europe and the world. Since regaining its independence, Georgia has repeatedly become a victim of Russian aggression. Therefore, we are well aware of the pain Russian aggression can inflict on every person in terms of physical as well as moral and material problems leading to internal displacement, humanitarian crisis and loss of human health and life.

Today Georgia stands by the Ukrainian people along with the free world. Now is the time for unity. We should stand in solidarity within the country as well as with the democratic world and we strongly urge the Georgian political forces to show solidarity. The Georgian National Platform expresses its support and solidarity with Ukraine – “We stand by your side!”.

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EaP CSF Georgian National Platform Statement on solidarity with Ukraine, 24 February 2022