February, 11, 2020

Analysis of the Moldovan Government Action Plan 2020

Prepared by: Association for Independent Press (API), Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), Legal Resources Centre from Moldova (LRCM), Promo-LEX, National Environment Center, Association for Participatory Democracy (ADEPT).

In cooperation with: Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (EaP CSF) and Moldovan National Platform of the EaP CSF.

On 9 November 2019, the new administration published a Government Action Plan (GAP) for Moldova for 2020 – 2023. Instead of granting this proposal the legally envisaged time of two weeks of public consultation, the GAP was adopted only two days after its publication, breaking thus the legislation. Moreover, the Moldovan Civil Society was not consulted on their opinion on the public policies.

Therefore, in their publication, Moldovan civil society organisations together with the Moldovan National Platform and Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum present the key objectives and policy measures of sustainable development and reforms of the new Moldovan government, and assesses their significance for Moldovan civil society. On 10 February 2020, EaP CSF representatives brought this publication to the attention of COEST delegates during a meeting at the Czech Permanent Representation to the EU.

The analysis shows that the new Moldovan government’s proposed measures run short of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Fields such as foreign policy and European integration, judiciary and anticorruption, public administration reform, mass media, civil society and environment are not properly addressed. With these obvious shortcomings at hand, Moldovan civil society reminds its government that in 2012, the National Participation Council was created in order to allow government, prime minister and ministers to consult the opinion of civil society on public policies. It emphasises that currently, there is no dialogue between civil society organizations, government and parliament representatives in Moldova. EaP civil society calls on the EU to support civil society in Moldova not only through funding but offer also vocal political support. The EU should grant political support to the human rights defenders in Moldova.

The EaP CSF National Platform in Moldova aims to restart a fruitful and open multistakeholder dialogue in the country. On March 10, the representatives of the government, parliament, civil society, the EU Delegation and member states shall evaluate together the implementation of the 20 deliverables for 2020 and discuss their vision for the future of Eastern Partnership.

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Analysis of the Moldovan Government Action Plan, API, IPRE et al., 2020