The policy paper “Public Administration and Local Governments Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries” , prepared by the Subgroup on Local Government and Public Administration reform of the Working Group 1 of EaP CSF, was produced in the framework of the project “Update on Public Administration and Local Governments Reforms in Eastern Partnership Countries”, supported by the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme. As Public Administration and Local Government Reform are one of the main objectives of the Eastern Partnership, outlined in the review of the European Neighbourhood Policy and in the CORLEAP Action Plan 2016-2017, the paper analyses the level of these reforms in the six EaP country focusing on:

  • Competences of local self government;
  • Fiscal decentralization;
  • Control and supervision;
  • Public administration reform;
  • The strategic framework for public administration reform;
  • Public service and human resources management;
  • Accountability.

Based on this analysis, the authors developed a series of recommendations for each EaP country, which aim to improve the functioning of public administrations and decentralization of decision-making for the well-being of the population.

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