Brussels, 13 February 2020

6th EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform

On behalf of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Pavel Havlíček (Association for International Affairs) observed discussions on the state of Moldova’s socio-economic situation during the 6th EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform meeting.

The sixth meeting of the EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform gathered civil-society representatives and EU stakeholders to discuss the latest implementation steps of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

On social aspects of the Association Agreement implementation in Georgia, Forum representative Pavel Havlíček voiced that the socio-economic situation in Moldova remains deficient for many people. Among other indicators, the average salary in Moldova is twice times less than the minimum wage in Romania. Other imminent problems relate to

  • regional challenges of Transnistria
  • women’s salaries in the broader discussion on the future of work

The meeting closed with discussions on the situation of Moldovan initiatives in justice sector and fighting corruption, and a presentation on the state of implementation of the Association Agreement in political and economic areas betwen 2017 and 2019. At the end of the meeting, the parties adopted a joint declaration.

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Meeting Agenda: 6th EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform meeting