Brussels, 11-12 February 2019

First Steering Committee Meeting in 2020

During its meeting in Brussels from 11 to 12 February, the Steering Committee discussed the Forum’s strategic goals for an Eastern Partnership post-2020. Furthermore, the Steering Committee agreed on priorities ahead of the EaP Summit in June 2020.

The meeting saw a fruitful discussion of the Steering Committee with representatives from DG NEAR, Jeroen Willems and Brigia Salkute, as well as from the EU delegations, Line Urban and Sinziana Poiana. The Steering Committe dwelled on future formats of cooperation between the EaP countries, and drafted new advocacy priorities for 2020. It emphasised its commitment to represent Armenia’s, Azerbaijan’s, Belarus’s, Georgia’s, Moldova’s and Ukraine’s civil society within the architecture of the EaP policy.

High on the agenda were discussions on the Forum’s strategic goals and visions for an Eastern Partnership post-2020. National Platforms of the EaP CSF will finish their own strategy development by the end of April, and come up with points that can be used for the EaP CSF strategy. Furthermore, the upcoming Annual Working Group meetings, as well as EaP CSF evenst in the margins of the EaP Summit in June 2020 were outlined.

The Steering Committee heard country updates and Working Group reports for the period from December 2019 to February 2020. The Secretariat informed the Steering Committee about statutory and administrative matters, provided updates on Re-granting procedures.