EU candidate status to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova? Assessing options through the results of the Eastern Partnership Index

The European Parliament and the European Commission have expressed their opinion of support towards giving Ukraine and Moldova candidate status and to work towards granting EU candidate status to Georgia by giving it European perspective.

Ahead of the final opinion of the European Council on 23-24 June 2022, Member of the European Parliament Petras Auštrevičius, Ana Furtună, Director at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, Kerry Longhurst, EaP Index Editor and Professor at Collegium Civitas, Sergiy Gerasymchuk, Deputy Executive Director at the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”, and Boris Navasardian, President of the Yerevan Press Club discussed whether Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia – the so-called AA trio – should be granted EU candidate status, implications for the wider neighbourhood and the Eastern Partnership (EaP) policy. Tania Marocchi, EaP Index Manager at the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, moderated the discussion.