In an article in New Europe, Rasa Uzdavinyte, project coordinator of the Eastern Partnership Index, showcases the impact of the activities of EaP CSF in developing an organized civil society in the region. This fact is reflected by the high number of participants at the 8th EaP CSF Annual Assembly (250 representatives of CSOs from EaP and EU) as well as by the growing interest of CSOs from the EaP and EU . She adds that an organized civil society can push governments to “drive change and development within the governmental levels” while making “people feel engaged in social and political life, as well as enable them to be far more resilient to fraud, limiting political decisions or any individual injustice brought by the regime.”

Furthermore, the article explains the purpose of the Eastern Partnership Index. The EaP index has been developed by the EaP CSF since 2014 in order to assess the progress made by EaP countries towards European integration and to provide civil society with the collective effort necessary to stimulate reforms on the ground.

The next issue of the EaP index is due to be released in March 2017, which will produce a civil society assessment “that has emerged in line with the evolution of Eastern Partnership initiative and divergent integration agendas.”

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