• The EU should link the direct budgetary support provided to Moldova to tangible and objectively measurable outcomes in combating corruption, strengthening the independence and transparency of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, and ensuring media freedom;
  • The EU should enhance the support provided to independent media and civil society organisations to strengthen their role as social watchdogs and mobilising actors;
  • The EU should also increase the support for concrete economic and social development projects, with an emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), local public authorities, educational and healthcare systems;
  • The Moldovan authorities should ensure timely and consistent implementation of commitments under the EU-Moldova Association Agenda 2017-2019;
  • The government and parliament should take tangible measures to depoliticise state institutions and strengthen their independence from political interference, and should launch a sustained, open and inclusive dialogue with civil society to improve public sector transparency and accountability.