Kyiv, 20 September 2019

3rd EaP LNG Network Workshop

Ana Otilia Nutu (Expert-Grup, Romania), Igor Stukalenko (Centre for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, Ukraine) and Tigran Sekoyan (energy expert, Armenia) have contributed to the debates on topics related to the strengthening of European energy market, regional energy connectivity, implementation of European gas legislation in the EaP countries and consolidation of the regional sub-sectoral network on LNG.

In the framework of reaching EaP energy deliverables, Mr. Stukalenko emphasised particularly the importance of implementing measures to safeguard the security of gas supply in accordance to EU Regulation 2017/1938. He suggested that the requirements and rights offered by this Regulation should apply also to the Energy Community Contracting Parties, including the three associated countries. During the event, EaP CSF representatives argued for the need to analyse further the possibility of building an LNG terminal in Odessa. However, this subject requires more analysis in order to evaluate also the mobility opportunities for LNG carriers, which need to cross the Bosporus Straits.

On this note, Ms. Nutu intervened with few questions and comments regarding the perspective of a potential agreement with Turkey to have LNG infrastructure and transportation in the Black Sea. Mr. Sekoyan noticed the relevance of country-specific energy dimensions and deepened the subject of regional LNG network potential. He exemplified the LNG Experimental Plant built but unfinished in Armenia, and pointed out to the necessity of intra-cooperation among the EaP countries on sharing expertise and providing experts in building LNG capacities.